deep sea departures from the north


live now:


✳︎ schedule 11.06.2021 ✳︎

1200 → blair
1300 → thawing w/ xivro
1400 → warp and weft
1500 → gloam
1600 → let's meet in the beatiful and new decade w/ antivirus and deep sea world
1700 → novy mir (r)
1800 → subterra
1900 → terrace 2
2000 → hyperdome invites
2100 → lockdown sessions
2200 → J.YOUNG

to coincide with world ocean day on tuesday we are taking the e-zone to the depths of the north sea. we are asking all attending to please donate what you can to the marine conservation society helping to protect the valuable seas.

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aerial is an independent internet-based community radio broadcasting from aberdeen, scotland.

open call: would you like a show? this could be regular, semi-regular or even singular. all ideas and art forms are welcome, including sound, spoken word and documentary. email us at [email protected] to request a sign up form. we would love to hear from you. :)

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